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Hardrace Suspension Australia (ABN: 53131333312) is the distributor for Hardrace High Performance Street and Dedicated Race Car suspension components in Australia. We are located in Sydney and carry stock of most popular parts in our warehouse for immediate dispatch.

Founded in 1998, Hardrace Suspension specialises in manufacturing reinforced suspension products for street and race applications. From hardened rubber bushings, to pillow ball bushings, Hardrace offers a variety of suspension components for over 5000 vehicle applications.

Hardened Reinforced Rubber bushing

  • Hardrace Harden Rubber rated at 62A is 150% stiffer than Original Equipment Manufacturer rubber bushing
  • Made from high strength, anti-crack, low maintenance rubber material

Anti-dust, Spherical bearing construction

  • Insulator rubber dust boot - prolongs the wear and tear of the bearing
  • Phosphor Bronze - provide toughness, increase strength and low coefficient of friction
  • Spherical bearing Chromoly Alloy outer Ring shell
  • Carbonized Chromoly alloy steel ball bearing