Part Number - Q0510

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HARDRACE camber kits reduce tire wear and increase handling performance. Our camber kits are made with high quality carbon steel and are acompained with our long life, high performance hardened rubber bushing which provide advanced stability and accurate steering response, especially during high speed driving and cornering.

Our camber kits feature:

  • Accurate Camber adjustment
  • Provides increased driving stability
  • Harden Rubber Bushes assist in reducing chassis twist and flex
  • Increases steering response
  • ED process and painting for extending control arm life.

Hardrace Harden Rubber Bushes feature a 5 year warranty.

Understanding Camber:

Camber is the inward or outward tilt of the wheels when viewed from the front of the vehicle. The amount of tilt is measured in degrees from the vertical axis and is called the camber angle.
If the wheel tilts out at the top, the camber angle is positive and if the wheel tilts in at the top it is negative. 

Camber alters the handling qualities of a particular suspension design; Negative camber usually improves grip when cornering. This is because it places the tire at a better angle to the road, transmitting the forces through the vertical plane of the tire rather than through a shear force across it. HARDRACE adjustable camber kits allow you to set the camber correctly and easily.



Part Number Q0510
Fits Vehicle TOYOTA AVENSIS 2003-2009
Fitment Location REAR
Bushing Type Hardened Rubber
Pieces in Set 2